Computer Forensics Experts

Computer forensics experts can help solve crimes and protect corporate security. Police, prosecutors, lawyers, the insurance industry, and many corporations use computer forensics experts to discover digital evidence of crime or corporate espionage. Computer forensics experts are even called in to battle child pornography, organized crime, and terrorism.

Computer forensics experts use scientific methodology to discover legally admissible evidence on computers, hard drives, and other digital media. Their investigations may include storage hardware, individual computer systems, and larger networks. Computer forensics experts first protect the information on the drive from intentional or accidental harm, and then assess the information, cracking passwords, encryption, and other security, if necessary. Finally, the computer forensics expert assesses the information and prepares it for presentation in either a private setting or a court of law.

Computer forensics has many corporate applications, and some large corporations may even choose to employ their own experts to provide additional computer security in the face of possible intellectual property theft, employee theft, or inappropriate computer usage. Law enforcement uses computer forensics more and more, as more crime is planned and organized or even occurs within digital space. Files, emails, photographs, and more may serve as digital evidence to be assessed and presented in court by a computer forensics expert.

Computer forensics can save corporations money in terms of both financial theft and intellectual property crime. The careful scientific work of computer forensics experts can help police solve crimes, and prosecutors see that justice is served. Computer forensics is a young and growing field, but one with much potential for the future.

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