Computer Forensics Help Solve Crime

Computer forensics are used in many fields, from legalities involving trade secrets to prevention of computer-related fraud; however, more and more computer forensics are being used to help solve crimes. Computer forensics have both obvious and less likely implications in a criminal court and are a helpful new tool for prosecutors and police alike.

Computer forensics use scientific methodology to protect, assess, and analyze computer data. Deleted data may be retrieved or recovered, encrypted or password protected data revealed, and damaged hardware salvaged in the pursuit of information and answers by the computer forensics specialist. Computer forensics consciously work within the rules of evidence set out by the criminal courts, thereby providing law enforcement with viable and admissible evidence within a court of law.

Computer forensics play a growing role in the US courts, and computer forensics experts are called upon in a variety of types of criminal cases. Theft, embezzlement, and fraud may all have computer records and evidence that is assessed and analyzed by a computer forensics specialist. Specifically, computer-related crimes, such as hacking, child pornography, and intellectual property theft are also prosecuted with the aid of computer forensics. Furthermore, computer forensics aid in the search and prosecution of terrorists who may use computer technology for planning, scheduling, and locating acts of terrorism.

Computer forensics enable prosecutors and police to gain admissible evidence against offenders, whether the offense is corporate embezzlement or child pornography. A good computer forensics specialist can not only preserve data, but also even reclaim deleted or damaged data to provide it to the courts. More and more in today’s law enforcement world, computer forensics help solve crimes of all types.

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