Computer Forensics Reveal All

As technology improves all many computer users have a false sense of security and privacy, believing that everything they do is between them and their computer. The fact is every keystroke that you ever perform on your computer is there for good. Though there are ways to erase information from the view of the average computer users, everything you do can be found forensically. Unless you replace your hard drive in your computer you cannot do away with the things that you do on your computer. The things that can be traced with computer forensics include what programs you used, documents that you downloaded, who you received instant messages from and what those messages said, who you emailed and who emailed you as well as the contents of those emails. If you do Internet searches, what you searched for including the exact search term can be found with computer forensics.

In many criminal cases across the country prosecutors along with computer forensics experts have been able to prove that specific people are responsible for specific actions. Many times suspects will give one story about their involvement in a crime while their computer hard drive gives a completely different story. Most people believe that their computer will keep their secrets safe, but even the most sophisticated software cannot keep computer forensics experts from revealing at least portions of the truth. Computer forensics will undoubtedly continue to grow in the future, helping to prove more and more people guilty of the crimes in which they are accused.

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