Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is an emerging science that gets a lot of respect from just about everyone. While many of us believe that when we erase a document, a download, picture, or Internet history that it is really gone, it’s not. A computer forensics expert can likely recover most, if not all, the information that you have attempted to delete from your computer. Most of us will never have to worry about computer forensics, but if you are ever involved in a criminal case and you have your computer taken from you by authorities, chances are that something you have done online will come back to haunt you.

Computer forensics is a relatively new science, and it gained a lot of attention in the courtroom with big cases such as the Scott Peterson criminal trial. Many people have found out when it is too late that computer forensics can recover information from the hard drive of the computer even if it has been deleted. This is because every time you turn on your computer and touch a key it is recorded deep within the recesses of the computer. A computer forensics expert can find word processing documents, e-mails, Internet searches, instant messages, downloads, and even websites that have been visited. All this information can be given a precise date and time, which can help corroborate the evidence again a suspect.

There is no doubt that computer forensics will change the way we all use our computers. This science will also change the way criminals are prosecuted, too. Missing people may be found more quickly, and child predators can be more easily caught. There is no limit to what this science will do for us now and in the future.

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