You Cannot Hide From Computer Forensics

Advances in computer forensics officers are becoming so rapid that increasingly, it is not possible to hide from detection — especially if you are a criminal or wrongdoer. In the West, so much of daily life is now planned, organized, executed or recorded by advanced technology and online servers that digital traces of one’s actions are often left. Generally, these are recoverable.

Any wrongdoer using the internet for their activity is therefore vulnerable to computer forensics, as they will leave records of visits to websites, or sending of emails, via the IP legend their connection leaves. Even if this number is not registered to their name specifically, their location is traceable, adding to the capabilities of those computer forensics officers who wish to find them or to prove the miscreant’s wrongdoing after the event.

If the user is storing illegal material — such as certain pornographic pictures — on their system, there is also no chance of their escape from discovery by computer forensics. Officers will be able to discern whether there are any hidden sectors to a user’s hard drive, meaning hidden material can be freed. Any attempt to rename illegal files with false extensions is also discoverable, as files leave traces of their original format on the memory. Furthermore, any false excuse that material arrived of its own accord will be in vain — computer forensics officers can detect every use of the ‘save’ function on a computer system. There is simply no way of hiding your true computer activity.

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