The Nightmare Before Computer Data Recovery Was Possible

In the days before computer data recovery, the lost files on a computer were actually lost forever. This caused one of the greatest depressions in the world of technology as the office worker and computer user realized that once the data had been deleted…it was really gone. A great sadness was over the land of technology until that brave morning when a group of computer technicians in a computer lab somewhere came upon the program that would bring to light the possibility of computer data recovery and save the lost files from certain doom.

A Land Before Time

Before computer data recovery saved the day, computer users everywhere had to exercise extreme caution around the dreaded “delete” key. Files would disappear, applications would be gone forever, and all of the top scores from favorite video games would be doomed to obscurity. It was a trying time for computer users and businesses as the pure fear from accidentally deleting a file ran rampant in homes and offices everywhere.

At this time, the only thing that could be done was hope that the “undo” key or the “restore” command would actually function to bring back the files that were taken away. Often times, however, this wasn’t good enough. A group of motivated lab technicians knew this and worked tirelessly, day and night, on the ultimate tool that would save the computer world and the entire galaxy of information technology from this pending threat.

The notion to design a program or set of programs that could go “beyond the computer” and rescue the files from the hard drive was at first dismissed as “crazy”. But the lab technicians persisted and eventually, after what seemed like eternity, the program was born. The code was written properly to find the lost files and get them back, literally, from the hard drive’s surface. The thought was that if the files were out there, they could be found and if the files could be found, they could be brought back!

And the Dawn Came…

Years passed now and the programs flooded the marketplace with their promises of data recovery. Most delivered on the promise and computer users were confident in the assurance that files, once deleted, could actually come back and be recovered. Computer data recovery gave computer users a virtual safety net and using the computer became fun again. For the designers of computer data recovery, they became minor celebrities for a while until something called a “virus” overtook the computer world again and they ventured back into the lab searching for yet another cure.

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