Getting it Back: Data File Recovery

Data file recovery is the act of retrieving or restoring data or files that were lost due to unforeseen or accidental circumstances. This is usually done either with a computer program that the user installs and operates themselves or with a trained technician that is educated in data file recovery and helps consumers with their computer problems. The latter is usually more expensive but also known to be more reliable.

Data file recovery is possible with a great degree of success in quite a few scenarios including loss of files due to the emptying of the recycling bin on your computer’s desktop, loss of files after hard disk crash, loss of formatted files even after a reformatting, loss of files after partitioning error, loss of files from USB port error or camera error, and a whole array of other possibilities.

There are several “do-it-yourself” programs that are available to accomplish this variety of tasks. Some of the more popular ones are “Recover my Files” which works on a mainly Windows interface and “Active@UNDELETE” which works on many interfaces. Both of these programs include full sets of instructions and tend to be fairly user-friendly. They also both accomplish what they claim to accomplish, so that is a plus in the world of data file recovery.

Many people have lost Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Access databases, PDF documents, and many other files to accidental deletion or malicious errors but have found solace in the operation of a decent computer program such as the ones mentioned above. However, still others have lost files and cannot recuperate any of their losses using a “do-it-yourself” program.

Calling in an Expert

In cases like those, an expert is generally called in to get to work on data file recovery. Often times, technicians can make house calls or take your computer to their own office to work on it with their equipment and software. The rate of success is quite high but unfortunately sometimes the cost is equal to the task. Of course, in the case of many a stressful business situation involving important documents, cost isn’t always an issue worth discussing.

When you have lost or had files deleted without your intention, it is important to establish a plan of attack that will help you restore and recover your lost material at the lowest cost to you and the quickest convenience as well. Sometimes it is a computer program that works the best and other times it is the trained capabilities of a technician that functions better. Regardless, there are options that one can use to assist data file recovery.

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