Fix Anything with a Data Recovery Tool

A data recovery tool is a piece of software or hardware that helps you recover data that is lost from your computer for any number of reasons. There are many recovery tools on the marketplace, most of which are easy to use and come with a simple interface that will allow you to use the tool to locate your lost files and recover the files that you once thought were deleted forever.

Using a data recovery tool is by no means a “sure thing” in terms of restoring your data or your settings to their original places, but it does ensure that the capability is given to make an attempt. Normally a good data recovery tool is inexpensive as well, sometimes under thirty dollars. As anyone who has lost a precious amount of data to an untimely power outage or an accidental deletion knows, there is no price too high for a service or product that will recover that lost data.

Restorer 2000

A program called “Restorer 2000” is a data recovery tool that is quite popular. The program promises to undelete and recover files on NTFS or FAT drives and partitions to a high degree of success. Restorer 2000 can also recover compressed files on FAT partitions, support copy of tons of file types, compiles a detailed log of what work was being done, and also boasts a user-friendly interface with language and logos that even novice computer users can operate with ease.

“Ontrack” is another recovery tool that uses similar techniques as the Restorer 2000 but with Apple computers, especially the Macintosh. Ontrack offers 24-hour live technical support year-round and full service including tape recovery, hard drive recovery, and an email recovery service that is quite popular with office professionals. They also offer a consultation in which a technician can monitor your computer system and decide which level of Ontrack computer recovery you would be able to use the best.

Solid Data Recovery

“Active @ UNDELETE” is a personal favorite of mine in terms of a solid data recovery tool. This product can help recover almost any lost file, regardless of type or method or problem that originally caused the data loss. It works in all of the Windows systems dating back to Windows 1995 and includes several “wizard” tools that assist greatly in monitoring and deciphering the data recovery process.

Finding the right recovery tool for your situation can be a difficult task, but a general rule of thumb is to ask computer technicians as to there advice in the matter and consider the entire effectiveness of the product more than you would the overall cost.

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