A Day in the Life of a Disk Data Recovery Agent

Eugene is a disk data recovery agent that works for a major company solving their computer problems. He is well trained in what he does and using several tools to operate the various functions that his job requires. Eugene works tirelessly at disk data recovery because he knows all too well the nightmares that losing your data on a disk can cause. He knows all too well the sense of panic that a person can have when they thought they were prepared with a disk backup to their files but found out that they were not.

For that reason, Eugene is up at dawn every day. He heads to work shortly after a nice breakfast of eggs and toast. Quickly getting to work, Eugene is almost always greeted with a large number of emails. Most of them are jokes from his coworkers that like to spice up their day with some interoffice humor, but today there was an email about disk data recovery that Eugene found especially interesting.


The email subject line sounded like someone was in trouble, so Eugene donned his “superhero costume” and got out his cellular phone to call the number enclosed in the email. A woman answered, a conversation took place, and Eugene got into his “super-van” and was on his way to this young woman’s office to help save her from sure data loss doom. He was a wizard in traffic and knew all the best routes to all of the offices in town, so he was there in mere minutes and flew up the stairs to the woman’s office.

She had a look of extreme fear and concern on her face as she had just lost all of the files from one of her company’s biggest trading partners. The woman literally was afraid for her life and had nowhere to turn, so she called the only name she could trust: Eugene. Eugene nodded at her and got right to work, wasting no time at all. He never did. Eugene knew what he had to do at all of his jobs, and this one was no different.

Now, the fact was that as Eugene worked on the woman’s computer, he knew the real problem came from the disk. He was there for disk data recovery, after all, so after a quick look at the computer to determine that it wasn’t the root of the great evil he took the disk that the woman held in her hand and placed it on the table. Staring at it inquisitively for a moment, Eugene had a great idea and put it into the disk drive. He logged in to the system and found his software on a direct link to his own office.

Within minutes, Eugene was sorting out the contents of the disk and somewhere in the haze, using his own supercomputer, he found the lost files floating about. Eugene re-attached them to the surface of the disk and his work was done. With a tip of his hat, he headed back out into the world of data loss and the woman lived on to survive another day in the corporate jungle.

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