Your Computer’s 911: Emergency Data Recovery

Emergency data recovery generally functions under the premise “time is money” and want you to recover your losses as soon as possible and get your system back to working order. Many companies count on emergency data recovery in sticky situations and it tends to pay off greatly as lost files are found, deleted settings are restored, and a whole lot of stress is relieved.


Many emergency data recovery service providers offer very good competitive rates on their services. Almost all of them are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day because of the demand of their job. It would be inappropriate for any emergency hotline operator to take some time off and the same rule applies in this business. Most have well-trained lab technicians that can make house calls or assist you directly over the phone with any issue that may come up.

Most companies offer a form of “critical response teams” or other such groups that work as a team to get the most productivity out of stressful situations. If you’ve just deleted that important file ten minutes before the meeting, odds are that somebody that is an expert at emergency data recovery can help you fast!

Help is Easily Found

These companies can offer help on all types of problems. Hard drives with operating systems from Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Novell, Linux, DOS, Mac, and any other operating systems are usually supported. If the computer is unable to boot, has suffered a virus attack, is generally inaccessible, is unable to run or load data, or if data was accidentally deleted then there is a solution available from an emergency recovery technician.

Emergency data recovery technicians also work on RAID systems and can handle server configurations. If there has been a RAID controller failure, multiple drive failure, array configuration loss, or an accidental replacement of key components among other things a technician can help. It is important to remember that even the most reliable of RAID systems or servers is prone to flaws.

Email servers are also prone to data loss and technicians are versed to a degree of extraordinary knowledge in terms of restoring this loss of information. Most work in situations such as inconsistent file states, write errors, and duplicate keys errors to name a few. These technicians can handle any problem related to email and the loss of important information from a failure in the system.

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