Manna from Heaven! Free Data Recovery

It almost seems too good to be true, but free data recovery is out there and it is available to computer users like you an me! Several pop-up laden websites now offer what is known as “free data recovery services” and all it takes is a click or two. Of course, I am a sceptic and can never be too sure about something, so I decided to purposely delete some important information and leave it up to the “experts” at one of these data recovery websites to assist me in finding what I had “lost”.

Deleting my Life’s Work

Being a stickler for truth and justice, I decided the only way to test out the validity of the claims of this free data recovery website was to delete something really important and find out if they could assist me in getting it back from the computer grave. After a little bit of searching, I finally decided on some old detective short stories I had been writing and sent them to the recycling box. A minute later, I emptied that recycling box and began the search for one of these freebie sites that would help me get my baby back.

I found one almost immediately after a quick “Google” and began to go through the process of signing myself up. It needed some obvious information like my email address, my telephone number, and information about my computer’s hardware. After answering these questions and some other innocuous questions about my gender, age, hair color, and sexual preference I began the process of waiting for them to pour over my problem in a lab and start devising the tools to help me recover my lost work.

The Wait is Over!

A few hours later, my email box fluttered with activity and the site had responded. It was a hot link inside the body of the email that sent me to another site where I would input the same information and a “technician” would talk to me over instant messenger to guide me through the process of installing their “spyware free” software and eventually restoring my files to their original location. Needless to say, I was exciting and clicked the link immediately.

The technician and I spoke for what seemed like hours on instant messenger and he informed me of all of the benefits of actually paying for the software as this free data recovery software that they had advertised only “locates the work, but doesn’t restore the work”. Apparently, this bit of free data recovery had only done the locating part and in order to fully recuperate my lost detective stories I would have to spring for 19.95 of my hard earned money.

There certainly was no way that I was ever going to pay for free data recovery, but this technician certainly had charmed me with his extensive knowledge of computers and great Italian food recipes. It was a hard decision, but in the end I decided that I could do without my “Adventures of Inspector George” works and kept my money.

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