Common mistakes to avoid when using a digital camera

Some of the most common mistakes to avoid when using a digital camera relate to transmission and storing of images. Even today high resolution pictures are being transmitted by e-mail. The result is that you block the recipient’s e-mail inbox with large attachments. The easiest solution is to reduce the picture to a size that will fit your monitor screen and will take less time to download.

You can also use the photo-cataloging program that is built into WindowsXP. This program resizes photographs before e-mailing them. You can also use free programs such as Easy Thumbnails to resize your pictures. Alternately, you can reduce the size of your photos and send them to a photo-sharing site or to a personal web site. This is a good solution especially if you have many photos that you want to share with friends and relatives.

You must always take a backup of images. This is essential because you never know when your hard drive will crash, and you may end up losing all your digital data including the photographs that you have so lovingly taken. Currently, the most convenient backup solution is a second hard drive. However, the more affordable solution is recordable CDs and DVDs. They should be used to save multiple copies of the photographs, so that you always have a few copies available.

You need not break your head over digital or optical zoom. It requires great skills to get the correct focus and exposure. You can obtain the zoom effect with photo editing software. This software is especially useful in handling high resolution pictures. It can create some good quality prints with sensible cropping. However, for close-up shots, a higher optical zoom or an add-on telephoto lens is a must.

Many cameras offer options to let you choose the best compromise between picture quality and file size, provided you understand JPEG compression. The disadvantage is that every time an image is saved in the JPEG format, there is a permanent and irreversible loss in quality of the image.

You should use your camera’s highest resolution to preserve your digital photos with as many details as possible. You must also make use of user-manuals to understand your camera better. These provide several helpful tips of optimizing results, and can go a long way towards improving your photography skills.

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