Don’t skimp on digital camera accessories

When you buy a digital camera don’t forget to buy digital camera accessories like rechargeable batteries, battery charger/AC adapter, memory card, soft camera case, camera bag, lens cleaning kit, tripod, external flash and filters. These add value to your photo shoots, and also increase the life of your camera.

A soft camera case costs $10 to 20 but it can protect your camera from damage caused by dropping or careless handling. Those who travel a lot should buy a strong camera bag for further protection.

Another important accessory, which you should buy, is a lens cleaning kit from a reputed camera dealer. You should never clean any optics of your camera using your shirt, fingers, water or breath. The kit, which costs a few dollars, includes a small blower brush, a soft cloth, a small plastic bottle containing the lens cleaning solution and a number of lens cleaning tissues.

Another accessory is a tripod, which is needed to prevent camera shake especially when the shutter speed drops below 1/60 second at a wide angle shot. Some digital cameras are equipped with an LCD monitor, which flashes a blinking light as a warning when the shutter speed is likely to cause a camera shake. A tripod is necessary when you are too close to the object in macro photography.

It is also advisable to buy a spare set of rechargeable batteries. This saves you the embarrassment of getting stuck with drained out batteries during the middle of a photo shoot. Rechargeable batteries last longer, and save you the bother of hunting for battery stores in desolate places.

You also need a battery charger or an AC adapter. However, it is always better to go for a charger because it allows you to continue charging spare batteries without interrupting your shooting. In the case of an AC adapter, your shooting will come to a halt while the battery is being charged.

Most digital cameras come with a starter memory card of 16 or 32 MB. However, if you are a professional photographer or a shutterbug you may need a larger memory card. A larger card will help you take more pictures, and you need not rush to your computer to transfer them. You also have the option of using a number of small memory cards.

Digital camera flashes have a limited range and you must learn to live with them. The best you can do is to go for a high-end camera that comes with a horseshoe to install an external flash.

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