Picture size, number, depends upon digital camera memory

Digital camera memory is one of the key components of a digital camera. It works as a temporary receptacle of photographs that are taken from a camera. After the shoot, the photographer can transfer or download the pictures into a computer or laptop, and delete the pictures from the camera’s memory. The memory can then be used to store fresh photographs. It is this reusable feature of the memory that makes it so useful and convenient.

The most common form of such memory is a memory card. Each memory card has a fixed capacity and can store a certain number of pixels. After that, the memory card needs to be cleaned -- that is the photographer needs to delete the images to create space to shoot new photographs.

Generally, digital cameras come with a low capacity memory card. Since these can store a limited number of pictures it is advisable to purchase an additional memory card of higher capacity as a standby. A photographer can also buy two or three memory cards of smaller capacity. This too gives him sufficient memory space to shoot pictures.

However, it becomes necessary to use higher capacity memory cards as the mega pixel count (resolution) of the camera increases. Some of the small size cards have a memory capacity of 64MB, and are not suitable to save high resolution pictures. To shoot such pictures, photographers need to use memory cards of 1 GB capacity or more.

Depending on the type of digital camera and the number of pictures to be stored, digital camera memory is available in many shapes and configurations. These memory cards are solely dependent on the requirements of the digital camera. For example, a compact flash type 1 digital camera memory needs to be used for a camera using compact flash type 1. The small and low cost Flash Digital Camera memory is suitable for rugged and rough handling.

Generally, the memory cards come in 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB capacity. Photographers can optimize the use of memory cards by using the JPEG format to store photographs. This may allow them to save more photographs but it will also lead to a loss of picture quality. To be on the safer side, one should buy one 256 MB or two 128MB memory cards. This will provide you sufficient memory space to meet your photo shoot requirements.

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