How to choose a digital camera

How to choose a digital camera? This is not an easy question to answer given the wide range of digital cameras available in the market today. Each camera comes with its own individual features like image resolution, storage capacity, lens power etc. So, what should the buyer look for in the camera?

Many factors need to be considered when a buying a digital camera. Image quality and trueness of colors need to be studied carefully. In fact, one should spend considerable time looking at images generated by different cameras before taking a decision. These images should not be the retouched images but fresh shoots.

Resolution is another major requirement. The quality of a camera is directly proportional to the resolution of the images. For example, a 3 megapixels (MP) camera outputs images that are anywhere from 1 to 2 MB in size while a 7 MP camera outputs images that are 4 to 5 MB in size. If you are a professional photographer then you should go for high pixel cameras; beginners can look at low or mid-end cameras. . You should also not forget the camera weight. A large and heavier camera is difficult to carry. It is also more difficult to keep it still when shooting. You should therefore select a camera that you can focus with ease.

The number of images a camera can take before you download them on to your computer may not be a problem if you are shooting near your computer. However, it does matter if you are shooting outdoors in which case you should choose a camera that will store enough images. You should therefore go for large memory cards or several small memory cards. This will allow you the luxury of long photo shoots.

Mid range cameras have a single lens with or without ‘zoom’ facility. For shooting objects from a close range (around less than 1.5 feet) choose a camera with a macro option. High-end cameras, which are basically 35mm. SLR (Single Lens Reflex)) cameras, come with changeable lenses but can cost quite a lot. They are more useful for professional photographers. Beginners need not burn money on them.

You can also look at cameras with or without adapters. Cameras that come with an AC adapter have the advantage of being plugged directly into electrical sockets when it is time to recharge the battery. The disadvantage is that you cannot take photographs while the battery is being charged.

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