Innovative ways to use your digital camera

There are many innovative ways to use your digital camera that you may not have thought of. Apart from taking photographs of listings and putting them on the Web, there are many other innovative ways to use your digital camera.

If your front porch needs to be repaired and you want to get estimates from carpenters, you can shoot photos of the porch and e-mail them to several carpenters. You don’t have to wait for them to visit you. They can even e-mail the estimates after looking at the pictures.

If you are in a meeting, you can shoot photos of the flip chart, or white board with your digital camera, instead of trying to scribble notes. Later, you can either print the photos, or import the images into a word file.

Take photos of your clients, with their permission, and include the photos in you database of contacts. Look at the photo before you talk to a person.

If you want a copy of a document and don’t want to use a scanner, or copier, you can take a digital photo. Use a high resolution camera to do this. Also, hold the camera steady and ensure there is plenty of light.

To remember the address, or phone number on a billboard or yard sign, you can click a digital photo. If you tend to forget where you park your car, a photo will help you to remember.

If you are involved in a car accident, take photos of the damage and send them to your insurance company. You can also create a visual record of furniture that is scratched by movers or of packages that arrive in bad shape.

Remember that your digital camera is capable of shooting video. You can use it for making movies, though this can fill up the memory quickly. You can record video images the way you use a voice recorder, to store reminders, comments, notes, etc.

You can shoot photos of the back portion of computers, stereo sets, etc. This will help you to have a record of the serial numbers, the jacks and ports and how they are connected.

Take a photo of the contents of a box, before you close it and stash it in the attic. This will help you to remember what it contains.

The list is endless. It depends how you use your digital camera.

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