Sharing your photos using e-mail and web

If you are interested in sharing your photos using e-mail and web, you must learn how to resize the photographs and reduce their resolution. This is important because large-size pictures take a long time to download. They block individual mailboxes and don’t fit properly on screens.

For instance, if you open a 3 megapixel image on an average computer screen, you will not be able to see all of it. You will have to scroll the picture sideways or downwards to look at the full image. The picture will also need a lot of time to send via e-mail. Further, it may block the e-mail box of your friend if he is using a small-memory e-mail service.

Your camera has image editing software with a resize function. It can reduce the width and height of the image. However, before you resize a picture, save an original copy of the image. This will enable you to use the picture on those occasions when you need high resolution photographs.

This may happen when you need to sell the pictures to magazines that are printed on high-quality, glossy paper, or to advertising agencies that bring out high-end brochures. They will not accept your downsized pictures.

You can resize photographs on your desktop by using Photoshop software. This is a very powerful photo editing tool, but it takes time to learn it fully. You may want a product that is easier to use. PhotoResizer is easy to use software that you can download for free, from

If you have a lot of photos that you want to share, you can use a web-based photo album and control access to it with a password. If you want someone to see an album, e-mail a link to them that allows them to access it. There is no need for attachments and no slow uploads or downloads.

For more control over your photos, you can maintain your photo albums at your own website. Hosting can cost as little as $50 a year. Some of the paid Web hosting services you can consider are Webshots, Pbase and Photosig.

You can also use an online printing service like Club Photo, which will keep your online photo album for $25 a year. It will also take orders for prints from people you allow to access your albums for a fee. Prints can also be ordered on cards, calendars, mugs, etc.

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