Comparing MP3 Players

You are in the store and looking at the MP3 players, knowing that you are going to purchase something today. As you assess the variety of players before you the salesperson approaches from the corner of your eye and you know what comes next. “Can I help you find anything today?” Suddenly you realize, I know I want something, but I have no clue what I want. Consider the following.

What do you want out of your MP3 player? Are you looking for a mobile music library or simply something durable to use on your jogs or while mowing the lawn? If you want the former then you need to research hard drive digital audio players. If you want the latter you need to research flash drive digital audio players. A hard drive gives you more space, but also takes up more space and tends to be bulky. A flash drive is usually very small and extremely lightweight.

What type of files are you looking to download to your digital audio player? If you are simply transferring from CDs to your computer, then to your MP3 player then any player should do. If you are transferring files you’ve downloaded from another site then you need to make sure the files are compatible with the device you are looking to buy. There are a ton of different formats out there, don’t get caught spending money on something you can’t use.

What type of battery life do you need in your MP3 player? Digital audio players can provide battery life anywhere from 10 hours on a full charge to 50 hours and still others charge many times faster than competitors. Consider what type you need depending on how you intend to use the player (on a plane or just walking on the treadmill) then research your potential players.

What types of extras do you want on your MP3 player? It’s understandable if you are setting out to get a player just to play music, but almost none of the players deal with music exclusively any more. Most offer video, photo, voice recording, and FM tuners or recorders. This may not be the reason you are purchasing, but if you are going to get one or the other anyway you might as well get one you like. Follow all these steps and you’ll find the player of your desire with no problem.

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