A Look at the Creative Zen Nano Plus

Are you looking to buy a MP3 player but not break the bank? Don’t need the disk space of a small corporate network? If you are of the crowd that has limited space in your wallet and a CD case that doesn’t weigh more than a small child then you may have found your system, the Creative Zen Nano Plus.

The Creative Zen Nano Plus comes with all the extra tools that make Creative Lab’s MP3 players so special. Above all else, the FM radio with recording capability puts it in the elite categories of digital music players. Having the ability to record your favorite radio programs along with listening to podcasts, songs, and audio books is incredible.

Where Creative really gets it right with the Zen Nano Plus is the line-in encoded connection that allows you to record directly from a CD to your player without a computer! This feature is tremendous for music lovers without the cash to get both a solid computer and a top of the line MP3 player. You don’t need both with the Zen Nano Plus.

The Creative Zen Nano Plus comes in two sizes, the 512MB (250 songs) and 1GB (500 songs). A fair side-by-side comparison would be against the iPod Shuffle and in most situations the Creative Zen Nano Plus seems to win going away.

Affordability: The Creative Zen Nano Plus comes in at $79.99 for the 512MB and $109.99 while the iPod Shuffle comes in $10 cheaper on both at $69.99 for the 512MB and $99.99 for the 1GB.

Durability: The Creative Zen Nano Plus seems to be a bit more durable than the iPod Shuffle, though you wouldn’t know by the feel, the Shuffle weighs in at .78 ounces and the Zen Nano Plus at .80 ounces.

User-Friendly: Sorry Apple, I know this should be where you blow the competitors out of the water, but the fact that the Zen Nano Plus actually has a screen that allows you to select what you hear makes this one a no-brainer.

Cool Features: Again, sorry Apple, but no matter how hard you sell the “random” idea it will never be cool. Especially when compared to the feature on the Nano Plus that allows you to record from a CD without ever needing a computer.

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