A Look at the Creative Zen Vision

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you are sitting down and have just taken a deep breath. You are about to hear something that pop culture media doesn’t want you to hear or believe. Apple’s iPod Video is NOT the best video player on the market. Nope, this claim goes to the folks over at Creative Labs for their Zen Vision.

The Creative Zen Vision offers everything that the good folks at Apple do, they just seem to take it to the next step. Let’s start with the size of the screen for the video playback. The Creative Zen Vision steps up to the digital plate with a 3.7” high-resolution screen in opposition the iPod Video’s 2.5” screen. The difference of 1.2” may not sound like much, but it definitely makes a difference to the naked eye.

Next, consider Creative Lab’s greatest advantage on iPod on every system that they offer, the ability to listen to and record FM radio. You no longer have to wake up early to catch the crazy morning guys, just set your Creative Zen Vision and listen when it’s convenient for you! Also, don’t forget that Creative offers a built-in voice recorder for those needing help in class or just to leave yourself a memo.

The first advantage that the iPod Video offers over the Creative Zen Video is the battery life. The iPod offers 20 hours of battery life while listening to music, whereas the Creative Zen Vision offers just 13 hours. Creative Labs seems to have made up for this with the option of purchasing an extended-life battery, but this is an extra to the standard version.

Something to remember when deciding between a Creative Zen Vision and the iPod Video is the iPod didn’t change screen size for a reason. iPod is known as the leader in music, not video, but they decided to delve into the video field because it was next. While the iPod screen is smaller, it seems to be more visible in multiple angles, while Creative Zen Vision is better straight on.

If you are looking for something to store your music library on while also having the option of watching video, consider iPod. If you are looking for something to store your video on while also being able to listen to music, consider Creative Zen Vision.

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