How to Rip Your CDs

So now you’ve decided on what type of player you are going to get and you are beginning the process of putting the music on that you want to listen to. A lot of people purchase songs online or use a site that can be described as legally questionable to boost their music collection; others simply plan to use their existing physical collection of music. Surely you know by now, you have to go through a two step process to achieve this task; here are a few things to consider:

1. Are you ripping in the format supported by the digital audio player you have purchased or will be purchasing? Don’t waste all your time ripping your CDs to your Windows Media player if the device doesn’t support the WMA format. Most players do, and let you know by the “Plays for Sure” logo, but some don’t and you don’t want to fall into the “I wish I would’ve checked first” category.

2. Is the information from your CDs showing up automatically when you rip the CD to your computer? Compact discs contain codes that can be used by your audio software to go on the internet and find the details to the music you are ripping. This is important to you being able to find all the songs you want when you sync to your digital audio player. You don’t want the Bee Gees “Staying Alive” to show up as “Track 05” do you?

3. Are you organizing your music into separate genres as you go? You may be wasting precious time in ripping your CDs to your computer if you are organizing the songs into genres by yourself, manually. This will all be done automatically for you by the digital audio player you decide on or already have decided on, don’t waste time doing it yourself.

4. Do you have a specific way you like to listen to your music? If you are of the type that doesn’t mind if your Elton John comes right after your Pantera then you are okay. If you are of the type that does get upset by this sort of thing then you will want to create separate play lists before syncing to your digital audio player.

5. Enjoy! You are ready to step into the hip crowd of tech wizards with a portable music collection.

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