A Look at MPIO

The MP3 boom gave birth to all new kinds of terminology in the electronic world. It also gave birth to new electronics based companies, like that of MPIO. The people at MPIO began their company with the sole idea of making MP3 players and they have designed some pretty cool, affordable, and durable products.

MPIO deals almost exclusively in the flash drive MP3 players, meaning smaller size in both the physical and disk space sense. With MPIO you basically have two choices win it comes to the amount of space you get, 512MB and 1GB. So if you are looking to buy something that you could store your entire music collection on, keep looking, you won’t find it here.

With eight different flash drive models, there is a good selection for consumers to choose from. There are three different FY models, the FY200 ($109.99), the FY400 ($109.99), and the FY500 ($69.99). The FY200 works as an MP3 player, an FM radio with recorder, a voice recorder, and a data storage device. Not bad for $109.99.

The FY400 brings a little bit of the iPod feel to the inexpensive flash drive market by featuring the user-friendly clicking wheel for navigation, MPIO calls it the jog-wheel. The FY 500 is a great buy for someone looking for a cheap system and a tremendously sleek look. For those without imagination, try thinking of that chap stick tube in your pocket, now replace it with the FY 500.

MPIO’s FG series brings impeccable battery life together with exceptional voice recording capability. The FG100 brings 1GB of storage space with an astounding 43 hour battery space, all for just $159.99. The FG200 doesn’t have quite the battery life, with just 11 hours, or the disk space, with just 512MB, but it does bring picture and movie capability to a different rank of consumer at just $159.

Finally, MPIO’s FL series brings in the FL100, FL300, and FL350 for the very acceptable sums of $109.99, $154.99, and $109.99. MPIO strives with all three of these models, as with the others, to bring an affordable player together with quality and user-friendly features to a highly competitive market.

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