A Look at Olympus

As further proof that you can do anything with electronics, or better yet, make an electronic gadget designed for a specific group of people, the Olympus Digital Voice Recorder/Music Player. If ever there was a digital music player made perfect for a business elite or diligent student, this is it.

Olympus, founded in 1919 to exclusively design and manufacture microscopes, has long been considered a leader in the world of cameras and camera accessories. The name Olympus has now also become synonymous with top of the line voice recorders and accessories for the consummate businessman and attentive student. Now, Olympus has combined this flare for voice recording electronics with the consumer’s need for digital music players with their line of digital voice recorders with music players.

The Olympus DM-10 and DM-20 players are built first for the consumer needing voice recording technology, with the added bonus of being able to download and listen to MP3 or WMA files. The DM-10 offers a great 22 hours of recording time with an easy access USB docking station, while the DM-20 gives you an astounding 45 hours of recording time with the docking station and dictation transcription capability. The DM-10 retails for approximately $179.99 while the DM-20 goes around $289.99.

Olympus presents its WS-300M, WS-310M, and WS-320M for consumers needing more recording time and an easier transfer process. The WS-300M gives 68 hours of recording time and the ability to download approximately 66 songs, the WS-310M provides 138 hours of recording time and 132 songs, and the WS-320M is capable of recording 277 hours of audio while holding 266 songs. The most impressive aspect of the WS series is the ability to detach the battery and plug the player directly into your computer for transfer without needing extra cables! This series retails from $149.99 to $229.99.

The Olympus has its benefits for the demographics listed above, but don’t even give it a second look if you are only interested in finding a high-quality, large spaced MP3 player. Even for the student or businessman, the Olympus products do come with pitfalls. Many find the buttons too small to effectively manage and the overall construction of the navigation system leaves much to be desired. Battery life is short of satisfactory, but is made up for by the quality of sound you get from the recordings.

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