Considering the Philips Jukebox

More than perhaps any other shopping decision, finding a reputable brand name in electronics is vitally important. If you are shopping for a sofa you can go with whatever fits your taste. If you are buying a bed you can go with whatever is comfortable. However, if you are looking for an MP3 player you want the security of a major brand name and no name is bigger in electronics than that of Philips.

Being a premier provider in the electronics game Philips brings several different options to the table for the beginner to the digital music scene. Knowing that there are multiple different streets to venture down in this market Philips decided on catering to each consumer in a different way. Philips created a line of sport audio players for the athletic type and top of the line hard drive players for the digital music elite.

The sport audio players are built especially for those that love the idea of the digital player, but can’t find the durability they need on the treadmill or bicycle. With the shock absorbing design you are sure to have an uninterrupted workout rolling to your favorite tunes without breaking the pocketbook at $69 for the 512MB or $119.99 for the 1GB. With the Philips Sport Audio player you also have the ability to listen to FM radio or cruise easily between downloaded songs with the easy scroll features.

If you are the type that must have a bigger capacity for music or just have the need to store your entire music collection, check out the Philips GoGear Audio Jukebox. The GoGear Audio Jukebox comes in two sizes, 6GB ($199.99) and 30GB ($279.99). With the ability to view pictures, listen to MP3 files, or just switch over to the more traditional FM radio, you have more options than you will probably ever need with this digital product.

As is the truth with most MP3 players there are downfalls to the Sport Audio and GoGear players. The usual suspects pop up here, nothing new, scratches to the player itself and it freezes up from time to time. Some have complained about its ease of use, but most are difficult to use at first.

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