Playing Your MP3 Player in Your Car

Everybody has a favorite station that they listen to while in the car on the way to work, or drop the kids off at school, or going to the grocery store. You like them, they play the type of music you like and they claim to play 90 minutes of pure music, NO commercials. Somehow, you wind up being in the car every time those 90 minutes just came to an end. It’s time to leave the commercials behind and play your MP3 player over your car stereo.

There are a few different options for playing your MP3 player in your car. First, if your car is old enough to still have a cassette player then you have your best option right there. In most every retail store that sells electronics goods you can find a cassette adapter. The adapter plugs into your player and a mock cassette goes into your player, giving you the great sound and music selection you receive from your digital audio player.

Next, you could go with an FM transmitter that wirelessly plays your MP3 player through a local FM station. There are a few very important things to remember when considering an FM transmitter. Most FM transmitters transmit the signal through a few specific frequencies. The cheaper ones deal exclusively with the 88 through 89 frequencies. If there is a major station in your area on one of these frequencies you will want to consider another transmitter as your signal will no doubt have interference. Other transmitters will give you the freedom to choose what frequency is the clearest for you.

Lastly, you could go the route of having a factory radio adapter installed to use your audio to its fullest extent. These adaptors tend to be much more expensive and could require some installation that you may want to have done professionally. You can find these at most of the major electronics retail outlets, but you may want to order them online where they are more readily available.

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