A Look at the Samsung Nexus

We all remember the story from our childhood, the tortoise and the hare racing in what seemed to be a ridiculous race. The hare lost because he decided to rest and the tortoise eventually passed the hare by. That was a cute story, but if the tortoise and hare were electronic devices the hare would have won and been attempting to lap the tortoise. This is where Samsung’s Nexus digital audio player comes in.

While most other MP3 manufacturers are trying to perfect the MP3 player by adding disk space or integrating video, Samsung is integrating satellite radio. With the Samsung Nexus 25 or Samsung Nexus 50 you can listen to satellite radio on the go while still having the ability to listen to your favorite songs from your own personal music collection. This product will be released soon and you could be the first person in your circle of friends to join the new fad in portable, digital audio.

The Samsung Nexus 25 offers you the ability to listen to your favorite XM programming live on a portable device and record up to 25 hours of XM programming for listening anytime. Connecting through your USB 2.0 port you can connect the device to store your favorite songs with the 512MB memory or use all the space for the XM programming. With a lightweight design (less than one pound) you can carry this new digital gem for around $199.99.

The Samsung Nexus 50 gives the consumer twice the disk space as the Samsung Nexus 25 by upping the space to 1GB. These gives the owner the opportunity to store up to 50 hours of XM programming or plug the device into their computer and store songs along with the XM content. The Samsung Nexus 50 can be purchased soon in stores or online for a price around $299.99.

This line of Samsung Nexus XM/MP3 players would be a great investment for somebody who can’t decide between getting XM radio or an MP3 player. If you are unhappy with the XM radio and just want to store music simply cancel your XM subscription and you are good to go. If you are unhappy with the MP3 capabilities and just want to listen to XM radio you can buy an FM transmitter and listen to the XM content while driving your vehicle.

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