A Look at Toshiba MP3 Players

Toshiba is by no means one of the truly elite, heavy hitters of the electronics industry, but they are a well-known and well-respected name. With this type of reputation you expect them to put out the same type of product. Nothing mind-blowing or earth shattering, but something that does exactly what you want it to. This is why the Toshiba Gigabeat Mobile Audio Player is so confounding.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, lets start with the screen. Toshiba produced a great 2.2” screen that views as well as any digital media player on the market today. Why is this bad? Because the Toshiba Gigabeat Mobile Audio Player is just that, an audio player. You can view photos, but no video. What a waste of a big time screen.

Next, a place where an MP3 player can be labeled great or horrible, the navigation system. Toshiba has designed a PlusTouch system that forms a cross in the middle of the player. Like Apple, Creative, and everybody else, Toshiba believes in their system, but this one is weak to say the least. For starters, sometimes it reads your actions for something completely opposite of what you intended (pausing when you attempt to turn up the volume, etc.).

Finally, the software is to say the least, less than desirable. It does offer the use of Windows Media, but this is almost impossible to do at times. Toshiba offers the Gigabeat Room Management Software that inexplicably attempts to reformat all MP3 files into a .SAT format. This format is almost unreadable by a computer which causes a major problem if you are looking to send your files back to your computer.

Toshiba’s Gigabeat Mobile Audio Player gets it right by offering anywhere from 10 to 60GB of memory for a reasonable price tag between $159.99 and $249.99. As I’ve said before, when it comes to electronics it is truly “to each their own” and you may find that you enjoy what Toshiba has to offer in their player. However, Toshiba’s Gigabeat Mobile Audio Player seems to be lagging behind quite significantly in the digital audio race.

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