Understanding Flash Drives

You’ve just walked into the electronics retailer of your choice and the options are displayed before you in a fashion that is both glorious and dumbfounding. You understand the idea of the digital music player and are dead set on purchasing the gadget, but this is more than what you had bargained for. The descriptions are mind-boggling: flash drive, hard drive, expandable memory, and you swear one said it has 4-wheel drive. Is that even possible?

By the end of the next few paragraphs part of your fear will be quelled and you’ll be almost ready to shop, you are about to understand flash drive. First of all you must understand that flash drive means a smaller drive, not the room for music you would have with a hard drive. Why would one want a flash drive player then?

If you are the athletic type, a runner or jogger, who likes to listen to the tunes during your workout you want to look into a flash drive player. Even if you have a hard drive player it is smart to own a flash drive player because you’ll want to take it running or jogging with you because the hard drive is bulkier (hence “hard” drive) and weighs more. It will skip and even break, where a flash drive is more comparable to the old school walkman players in its durability.

Next, most flash drive players come with neat little additions like a stopwatch or voice recorder. At first this may sound worthless or pointless to you, but sometimes a stopwatch can be handy while running and who hasn’t had a great idea while exercising only to have it escape during the cooling off process? A flash drive player will give you more extras while coming for a reduced price tag.

Another nice extra when buying a flash drive player is you almost always have an FM tuner included, meaning if you are tired of the music you downloaded you can listen to your favorite local station. Flash drive players give you this, along with what was mentioned above, for a reduced price tag. Most flash drive players go for as little as $59 and as much as $149 depending on the brand and the size.

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