A Look at iPod Nano

In the age of “consumer first” economics, Apple leads the way. The good folks at the most electronic fruit club ever strive to present the most user-friendly, space-efficient, and price-effective MP3 players on the market. Where the iPod Photo and Video versions capture the deeper pockets and iPod Shuffle takes in the shallow pockets, iPod Nano catches those who find themselves in the middle.

Though its disk size isn’t comparable to that of the iPod Photo or iPod Video, the iPod Nano does bring the tremendous features that make iPod the industry leader. Picking up where the iPod Shuffle leaves off, iPod Nano brings a hard drive of 1 (240 songs), 2 (500 songs), or 4GB (1,000) songs with a lighter price tag, starting around $149.

The iPod Shuffle brings a cheap price tag together with the ability to listen to your favorite music, but is lacking in the user-friendly features. For instance, with the shuffle you have no control over the song that is being played, it is completely random. With the Nano, you have all the control you have with the bigger iPod systems, just without the disk space.

It is smaller in disk size than the bigger versions, but the iPod Nano also brings a sleek look and feel by being roughly as thick as an ink pen or pencil. It is still slim and manageable like the iPod Shuffle so you can take it running or to the gym, but this way you DO have control over what you are listening to.

The knock against the iPod Nano is much the same as the knock against the bigger versions of iPod, durability. It can be taken to the gym or to run more than say the iPod Video or Photo, but does seem to fade out a little quicker than the iPod Shuffle. This is a problem that all electronic devices have, but the more expensive the device, the fewer consumers are willing to deal with glitches.

With all MP3 players, regardless of the brand name, you are running the same risks. Not enough disk space, too bulky, and less than desirable durability, but if all is the same it is usually smart to go with the industry leader.

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