A Peek at iPod Shuffle

Lets face it, small is in. Size still does matter, but in the world of electronics it is the small size that matters most. There is no more room for the computer monitor that is the size of a suitcase or the satellite dish that leaves no space for the dog to chase its own tail. No, in electronics today you must be small and when it comes to small, iPod has the market cornered.

The good folks at Apple put together the ridiculously small, MAYBE the size of a pack of gum. The insanely small digital music player is equally priced for the penny pinching type, starting out at most retail outlets for $69 dollars. I know what you are thinking, other than its size, what makes the shuffle worth it?

For the consummate jogger, this is the iPod for you! It is small enough to not cause a hindrance in your style, cheap enough to ease the stress of breaking one, and it is built for your enjoyment. The reason for its inexpensive price tag is it has a very limited amount of disk space for music files, with two different sizes at 512MB (120 songs) and 1GB (140 songs).

The question then becomes, why buy the shuffle with its limited disk space? As was mentioned before, the benefit is to those who are looking to buy and be active. The complaint against other iPod systems is the lack of durability so you couldn’t take it to the gym regularly and keep it for long. The shuffle is small enough to take to the gym and inexpensive enough to be damaged and purchase another.

As the name suggests, the benefit of the shuffle is that every time you listen to it the songs you downloaded are played in a different order. There are ways to get around this if it is not a benefit you are excited about. For instance, you can set the play list on your computer before sending it to the iPod, but you cannot control the songs being played from the shuffle itself.

Most arguments against the shuffle stem from the “shuffle” feature itself, the fact that you cannot control the play list from the device itself like other iPod systems. However, the price and durability appear to be above average for “flash drive” players. Shuffle seems to be a good fit for gym rats and penny pinchers.

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