Considering the iPod Video

Looking to make a splash? Want to be the person in the room that everyone is crowding around with a chorus of “oohs” and “ahhs”? Better yet, want to spend a good amount of money on one of the coolest gadgets in the history of mankind? Look no further than Apple’s newest prodigy, the iPod Video.

With a slimmer design than the iPod Photo and stronger battery life than just about any other digital music player, iPod Video provides a stunning first impression. Even better than the slim design and added battery power is the mind-boggling amount of hard drive. Two options are available for the iPod Video, 30GB (7,500 songs and 75 hours of Video) or 60GB (15,000 songs and 150 hours of video).

Unless you are one of those music nuts who owns more CDs than Best Buy, this hard drive has more disk space than you could ever need. This is where the iPod Video really shines, with 60GB of hard drive you can store audio books, TV shows, pictures, or whatever else you can think of right there at your fingertips.

All of this combined with the ability of the people at iPod to present a user-friendly product makes this a buy that almost makes the $299 and up price tag look doable. The idea of storing your entire music collection in one place was mind-blowing enough, but the ability to do the same with video is simply unbelievable.

I know what is going through your mind as you read this, there must be flaws or there would be no room for a competitor. You’re exactly right. The iPod Video screen seems to scratch even easier than previous versions of the iPod that were less expensive and the durability of the hardware itself seems to be lacking to say the least.

What seems to be a problem with most new systems of video playback (computers, etc.) is the constant freezing of the screen, making video playback impossible. The software needed to convert videos to a format that iPod accepts is pricey and difficult, but is readily available anywhere on the internet.

Finally, the biggest complaint against iPod is front and center with the iPod Video, repair cost. Though all electronics break, the lasting electronic devices are the ones that are easily repaired (computer, radio, etc.). iPod charges through the nose to repair a faulty product, almost as much as the original, so purchase at your own risk.

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