What’s in an iPod?

If you are one of the millions of people who are looking for an easier way to be able to switch between your Village People and Rob Zombie collections, it’s time to invest in an iPod. Apple’s favorite son is the market standard in a rapidly growing and equally trendy market. Here’s the skinny for anyone looking into the idea of purchasing an iPod.

As of now there are four basic iPod models that you can find on major shopping websites: the iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod photo, and the brand new iPod video. The iPod photo plays all the songs you wish to download to it, but also displays color photos (album cover art, etc.) on the mini-screen to please the eyes in addition to the already pleased ears.

All iPod models come with ear bud headphones, an AC Adaptor, and a 2.0 USB cable in addition to the actual hardware itself. Battery life is usually strong in the iPod with anywhere between 12-15 hour battery life (15 hours on the iPod Photo). Various hard drives are available for different versions of the iPod Photo, but a basic rule of thumb to remember with MP3 players is 2,500 songs per 10 GB.

The photo feature is a favorite of most users who purchased this version of the iPod, but like all electronic gadgets, it has its downfalls. The pictures are hard for some to see on the mini screen and some were upset that you MUST purchase a separate plug-in to view pictures on your television screen. When you do buy the extra connection you will be more than pleased with the clarity of the pictures on screen.

The bottom line with the iPod Photo is the same with most pieces of iPod hardware. That is, users are more than pleased with the features of the product; its sound quality and convenience are exactly what was expected. However, there are ample examples of horror stories with the durability of the system itself.

Like most electronic devices, especially young products in high demand, there are varying stories of success. If you are looking for something to go on long distance runs or go rock climbing with, this is not for you. If you are looking for something to use on trips or storage for your music collection, look no further.

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