Deciding between a CRT and an LCD monitor

The Cathode Ray Tube or CRT is what we have grown up with. It formed the glass screen of the TV set and later when the computers took over our lives, the CRTs powered the big and bulky monitors that sat with authority on our desks.

Then came the monitors with Liquid Crystal Display, popularly knows as LCDs. Slim, light and energy-friendly, these expensive monitors became an object of desire in no time. All of a sudden opting for a monitor has became a difficult exercise.

Every buyer agonises over buying an LCD or a CRT monitor. The truth is there is nothing to suggest one over the other. Each has its own set of pros and cons. Here are some points you should consider when making a decision.

-- All flat screens are not necessarily LCDs. A few CRTs can also have a flat screen.

-- CRTs and LCDs connect to the same type of graphics adapter plug on the back of the PC.

-- Some high-end LCDs come with their own, unique digital graphics adapter.

-- A few LCD monitors can rotate at 90 degrees to allow you both a portrait as well as a landscape view.

-- All LCDs do not necessarily have superior text display.

-- The matter on LCD monitors cannot be seen in very bright light. Some monitors cannot be seen from far right or left angles.

-- CRTs display graphics in various resolutions and color settings. LCDs, on the other hand, typically use only a few modes to display things.

-- CRT monitors are a wee bit more environment unfriendly than their LCD counterparts. They emit more radiation though not of horrific levels.

-- Sometimes a large size goes against a LCD because color saturation and resolution suffers.

-- LCDs are definitely a no no for gamers because they are slower than CRTs. The latter also score higher on graphics and color display.

-- LCDs operate by putting tiny red blue and green pixels on the screen. While this produces sharper images, sometimes a lot of pixels go dead, that is they do not deliver the colour they were supposed to.

The market is flooded with both products and perceptions. LCDs may look better, cost more and be talked about more but that does not mean that they are the better option. Similarly CRTs may even come in flat screen models or have great prices but that does not mean they make a better bargain. It is your requirements that should determine what you want. Keep that in mind while taking a decision.

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