Plasma vs LCD monitors

If you are looking for a flat screen television, the all encompassing question would be: LCD or Plasma? The question is not as simple as having tea or coffee. Both LCD and Plasma TVs have flat screens but that is where the similarity ends. To be able to choose one over the other you need to know a little more about them. Here are a few pointers:

1. Plasma vs LCD technology: Plasma screens use a matrix of tiny gas plasma cells charged by precise electrical voltages to create a picture. LCD (liquid crystal display) screens pack liquid crystals between two glass plates and create images by varying the amount of electrical charge applied to the crystals 2. Picture quality comparison: Both plasma and LCD sets produce excellent pictures. However, plasma screens may have a slight edge. They can display blacks more accurately so you get better contrast and detail in dark-colored television or movie scenes. LCDs lose color fidelity on screen.

3. Viewing angles and experience: In LCDs, there is brightness and color loss when you're either far from the screen or at an angle. Plasma presents good images from any angle and produces brighter colors. It is often thought that LCDs tend to blur images during speedy scenes. This is not true anymore.

4 Price: Plasma screens are cheaper than LCDs screens, and larger. Price is what goes against LCDs.

5 Advantage LCDs: But this does not mean that LCDs have no advantages. They, in fact, enjoy the following advantages over plasma screens:

-- They have higher native resolution than plasmas of a comparable size.

-- They consume less power than plasma screens and are lighter.

-- They have a longer lifespan than plasma screens.

Further, plasmas suffer from screen burns, that is an image that is left too long on a screen becomes like a permanent watermark. Newer plasmas are less susceptible to this.

However, if you are looking for a big screen (>42 inches), plasma is a good bet. You’ll get value for money. If money is not an issue and you want the sharpest image in town, then go for a large LCD. In the 15 -32 inch category, LCD is definitely the best option.

So give it a thought and then go for the kill. You’ll want a trophy that is not only good to look at but also makes things look good.

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