Samsung SyncMaster 244T Monitor

The Samsung SyncMaster 244T is a 24-inch LCD monitor meant for professional users. It costs $1,699, has a wide range of inputs, several image setting options and picture-in-picture capability.

It is a good choice if you want a wide-screen monitor with a superior color performance. It has a large base and is very stable despite its huge size and nearly 20-pound weight. It can be tilted 5 degrees forward and 20 degrees backwards. The height can be adjusted by 3 inches and it can be pivoted from landscape to portrait mode with ease.

The neck makes a loud cracking sound when some of these adjustments are being made and when it is extended to its full height, it slips down at least half an inch.

There are inputs for component video, S-Video and composite video on the back of the monitor, as well as analog and digital ports. There are two extra USB ports on the left side of the monitor. The upstream USB port is also on the side. This gives an unitdy look to the cords hanging from the side.

The control panel has seven buttons that can be used to navigate the onscreen menu. The MagicBright submenu has four brightness presets for different subjects. A dedicated button can be used to switch between presets easily. The MagicColor menu has three color presets. There are also four picture modes and seven tone presets. Custom and Film modes for HDTV are also available.

There is a dedicated button to launch the PIP window. The size and other settings of the PIP can be adjusted through the onscreen menu. The monitor offers good image quality and text is clearly readable. Serif fonts are readable, though they tend to merge at places. Sans-serif fonts are clearly visible.

The high 1,000:1 contrast ratio provides rich and dark tones in the grayscale, but whites look a little dirty. Midrange grays may have a pink tint and look pale around the edges. The colors are vivid, but tend to look better at the dark end of the range.

The DVD playback performance is not very impressive in spite of the 10ms response time, since background noise is evident and colors look distorted. The gaming performance is good, with plenty of detail, sharp images and clean backgrounds.

The monitor comes with the standard three-year warranty on parts, labor and the backlight. You can also opt for other three-year schemes. Toll-free telephone support is available around the clock. The Samsung website provides manuals, an FAQ section as well as driver downloads.

It is certainly a good buy for any professional.

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