GPS Tracking System For Sailing

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This system is a group of satellites that orbit the earth twice a day transmitting time and position data for latitude, longitude, and altitude. A GPS tracking system receiver picks up this signal and is able to determine its location anywhere on the Earth. This position and navigation information is vital for many different types of activities, including sailing.

Today’s GPS tracking system receivers are extremely accurate. Their parallel multi-channel designs make them quick to lock onto satellites as soon as they are turned on, and they maintain locks even in severe weather. On an average, GPS tracking systems are accurate within 15 meters.

Sailing and fishing enthusiasts can find specialized GPS tracking systems to help them navigate unfamiliar waters and to help them find their way back to that secret cove or dive spot. Sailors can download nautical charts for their GPS tracking system as well. Some receivers are even waterproof for use on boats, though many are merely water resistant.

In the past, boaters had to rely on compasses and other navigational devices to determine where they were on the sea and to maintain course. This often resulted in numerous course corrections, or even worse, lost boaters. With a GPS tracking system, you can know where you are, within a few meters, anytime you like. The accuracy is at least a great source of security and at best, it can be a lifesaver. Now, boaters can enjoy the freedom of sailing without the stress of constantly figuring out whether or not they are on course. With a GPS tracking system, you will know exactly where you are.

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