GPS is the best way to track fleets

The fact that more and more companies are turning to this technology to keep a tab on their vehicles shows that GPS is the best way to track fleets. This can report the speed and location of a vehicle moving in any part of the globe. And what's more there are no regions that GPS signals can’t penetrate, as is the case with cellular services. Concrete jungles or jungles with trees, the GPS can work anywhere.

Among the advantages that a GPS tracking system brings are:

1. Cuts labor costs: Drivers of vehicles usually write their own logs voluntarily. There is no way to authenticate the entries. With a GPS system, the logbooks are replaced by precise reports downloaded directly from the computer. This report has all the details right from when the journey began and where it ended to how many stops were made midway and for what duration. All overtime and other such costs can thus be verified and misuse curtailed.

2. Increases fleet efficiency: The GPS provides full information on the number of service or non-service stops that a particular vehicle or fleet makes. It also gives information on how long a service call or an installation took. This data can be compiled and analyzed to arrive at more productive approaches and cut down on wastage.

3. Helps lower fuel bills: The GPS tracking system is a sure way to cut down on high fuel bills that result from over speeding, unnecessary idling or unauthorized use. GPS tracking captures all such data allowing fleet managers to take necessary steps and precautions. A check on speeding alone results in several benefits. There is a reduction in maintenance costs, gas mileage improves, and accident chances are minimized.

4. Helps control moonlighting of employees: Employees very often tend to use company vehicles for moonlighting or personal use. No one is usually any wiser for it. However, a GPS tracking system discourages drivers from attempting any unauthorized use of vehicles. In the long run this translates into profitability for the organization.

5. Ensures vehicle and cargo security: Every year cargo worth billions is lost in transit. GPS tracking systems play a major role in preventing both vehicle and cargo thefts as well as helping in recovery through better monitoring.

6. Resolve billing disputes: Since the GPS tracking system records the arrival and departure time, to and from a customer address, there can be no discrepancies about the amount of time to be billed.

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