GPS watches can put you in proper shape

There is no end to surprises that technology can throw up. The latest is the use of GPS watches to put you in proper shape. These watches work like a handheld GPS unit and monitor speed, distance, time, heart rate etc. They are especially useful for serious runners or people who are earnest about exercising.

Before investing in a GPS watch one needs to understand its features. Let's say you are a beginner and have just started training. You may want to look at a unit such as the Garmin Forerunner 101. This is basic model and quite affordable. Timex Navman is another option in this field.

If you are an intermediate to an advanced runner, then you should try the Garmin Forerunner 201. This watch allows you to enter routes, monitor heart rate, and track distance and speed. In effect, the watch is the perfect tool that a serious runner will need to optimize his training. What's more the watch allows the wearer to review daily or weekly histories for a period of two years, and evaluate progress.

The GPS watch allows you to set targets. You can start with a distance that is within reach. Then increase the distance bit by bit every day. This will help you to adapt to a stricter regime gradually and will also keep you motivated. If you set yourself impossible goals then you are most unlikely to achieve them. Your motivation too will come down.

The GPS watch is especially helpful for those runners who use unknown terrain. This is because as your distance increases, you are likely to leave familiar surroundings and venture into unknown areas. It is imperative that you have a device that helps you find your way back should you ever take a wrong turn.

A GPS watch also helps you to change exercise parameters. Instead of choosing distance, you can choose speed as a goal. You should then cover a specific distance in certain time every day. Gradually, you should reduce the time taken to cover the distance. You can then increase the distance but reduce the time. This method is suitable for short distance runners, as well as cross country runners who need to work on their speed rather than their distance.

You can also focus on the heart rate, especially if you happen to be a cardiac patient. The watch enables you to monitor your heart rate. You must slow down when the heart rate starts climbing beyond the figure prescribed by our doctor. Gradually, with better stamina you can increase the jogging distance – without increasing your heart rate. So if you are looking to exercise, your time starts now. Get yourself a GPS watch and shoot off the block.

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