Garmin has several first to its name in the GPS market

Garmin International Inc is a member of the Garmin group of companies that designs, manufactures and markets navigation equipment both for the aviation industry as well as for the common man.

The company began operations in 1989 with just a handful of engineers and a great product idea. The idea worked and the US army used the Garmin handsets in the 1992 Gulf War. After that, there was no looking back for the company.

Today, its handsets are used by millions of people across the world in fields as diverse as aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, and general recreation. One reason for Garmin’s phenomenal success has been its innovative products, which have made life easier for the common man.

Another reason has been the ease of use. The Garmin systems have logical menus and smart features. This makes it easy to understand their working. Garmin also provides you with easy-to-understand instructional manuals.

Garmin’s constant quest for new products has brought it several firsts. These include: the first non-precision approach using a general aviation GPS, the first multi-function display, the first FRS/GMRS radio and GPS handheld, the first palm-sized GPS/VHF and the world's smallest GPS for the outdoor enthusiast.

Garmin was also the first to design a portable GPS with a moving map. Besides this, Garmin produced a panel-mounted GPS with internal backup battery, a portable/panel mount that interfaces with autopilot and the fully-portable color aviation GPS. Garmin has also been the market leader in sales of aviation transponders, aviation audio panels, panel mount aviation GPS and portable aviation GPS

The Garmin handsets locate satellite signals quickly and track the user’s location wherever they go. The GPS receivers also provide instant updates, smooth scrolling, and real-time moving map capabilities – all this is done in real time and with a great deal of accuracy, quality, and reliability.

Garmin also believes in quality customer service. Its website answers most of the questions that new users may ask; also, its sales are backed by a customer hotline. Garmin believes in customer satisfaction and its staff members spend hours poring over customer complaints and suggestions.

It is therefore not a surprise to see Garmin forging ahead in the world of GPS devices. It continues to introduce new products and upgrade existing ones. This has made it one of the most important players in the GPS market.

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