How useful is free GPS software

Several sites provide free GPS software. Some of it is useful, and worth downloading. But most of the free GPS software is like a bait. The word free entices you to download the software. However, it is only after downloading that you realize that what you have downloaded is a sample. You therefore need to find out how useful free GPS software is before downloading it on your GPS device.

The most commonly available free software is the one which is provided as a sample. It may, at best, have 100 waypoints and 500-track points. You will, of course, be told that there are 65,000 waypoints or more in the registered version of the program. It is up to you now to buy the full software.

The free GPS software may also be freeware that is available for a limited time period, after which it is disabled. However, you are required to provide full personal information before you are allowed to download the software. The site’s aim is push you into buying its main product.

Some online sites list different free GPS software with instructions on how to utilize the downloaded programs. They also host impartial reviews of the software. Since these are third party sites, you can always consider downloading free software from them. You can also go through the reviews to find out the software’s utility.

There are some free programs that enable you to transfer information between your GPS receiver and your laptop or home computer. Other programs allow Garmin GPS receivers to "talk" to each other. There is no harm in downloading such software because it adds value to your GPS devices.

Some free GPS software programs make it possible to download street maps missing in your auto-navigation system. Some of these programs are voice based. You need to check the weight of these programs before downloading them in your system.

You can also download phone specific GPS software that can help track individuals like senior citizens or children. But you must check for hidden costs before downloading. You also need to use the almanac available with free GPS software to find the best time for data collection from moving satellites.

Most software works with most brands, but some free GPS software is brand specific. You therefore need to check the compatibility of the software with your GPS device before downloading the software.

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