Selecting the right GPS mount

The GPS systems need to be installed properly if they have to generate accurate results. For this you need a GPS mount that can hold the GPS device properly. Normally, a GPS mount is fixed on the dashboard of four-wheel vehicles or close to the speedometer of large-sized bikes. This allows the GPS device to be seen and referred to while driving. A wrongly placed GPS can reduce its utility because you may have difficulty monitoring it. This can also happen if you choose the wrong GPS mount. That is why while selecting the right GPS mount you need to look at the following requirements:

1. Firm grip: You must ensure that both ends of the GPS mount are firmly attached. One end should be screwed firmly to the vehicle dashboard and the other end should be attached to the GPS device. The GPS mount itself should be made of a strong material so that it does not sag under the weight of the GPS device.

2. Height: The height of the GPS mount should not block the driver’s vision of the road or fuel, oil and speed gauges located on the dashboard either directly or peripherally. The display screen should be clearly visible to the driver. There should be no need for him to crane his neck or look sideways to monitor the screen.

3. Durability. The GPS mount should be strong and shock resistant, and should be able to withstand the jolts that the vehicle would suffer on bumpy roads. It should also be stable. Otherwise there is the danger of the GPS device getting damaged.

There are some people who consider the GPS mounts to be merely an accessory. They can’t be more wrong. A GPS mount is the key for the long life of your GPS device. It can save the GPS device from getting damaged while driving in rough terrain. More than that, it must allow the GPS device to collect the satellite signals from a stable platform. Otherwise, they may not be accurate.

GPS mounts can also be used to safeguard the GPS device from thieves. For this, you need to screw or weld the mount on to the dashboard and then fasten the GPS device in such a way that the thief has to struggle to remove it.

You therefore need to pay attention to different mounts available in the market. The best thing is to drive your car to a showroom and check which GPS mount will fit your vehicle best.

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