A few tips for new GPS users

You need to be patient if you are new to GPS devices. Don’t jump to conclusions, and don’t let your GPS devices drive you. It takes time to master the GPS devices. Here are a few tips for new GPS users:

-- Your GPS receiver needs time to locate satellites before calculating your initial location. The delay is more if you’re changing directions or passing through areas that can obstruct signals. It is always advisable to wait in an open area till you get the satellite signal.

-- Once the initial location is found you should set waypoints for your home and other key locations. Familiar waypoints on the map make it easier to stay oriented as you drive.

-- Check your speedometer for accuracy. If your speedometer and GPS don't tally trust your GPS. It is more accurate.

-- Ask for directions while driving in an unfamiliar part of town. The latest subdivisions and office parks are often missed out on GPS maps. So drive to the nearest crossing and get directions from there. Set a waypoint once you arrive to make it easy for future navigation.

-- Focus more on your driving and less on your GPS, even though it’s fun to use.

-- Don't let your GPS bully you if it calculates routes you'd rather skip. Be firm and take the road you want-(it will recalculate.) If need be, override your GPS by using the option called "custom avoid" to skip specific areas.

-- Watch the satellite status screen to find out how sensitive your navigation system is to GPS signal obstructions.

-- Freestanding buildings aren't a problem but if they are built close together the GPS signal gets lost. Systems with ‘dead reckoning’ capacities are more adept at getting reception from the satellite in these conditions.

-- You can navigate in and out of a garage parking without taking the help of your GPS but sometimes your navigation system may take a while to figure out where it is after you leave. To overcome this, if you are home wait for some time in the driveway to allow your navigation system to locate the satellite though this may not be possible if you are driving out of a public garage. You may find yourself without a GPS signal for a minute or two if you are driving around.

-- Tunnels are another obstacle that tend to block GPS signals but this is a short-lived problem as you can usually regain the signal at or even before your next turn.

-- Lastly, the dashboard is an attractive target for thieves so protect your GPS under a handy cloth or cap.

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