Finding the Right IT Support

Most of us don’t have to figure out too much about our computers at work because we have a Network Administrator or an IT guy sit across from us. It’s when we’re home alone and we get the “blue screen of death” that we suddenly have to worry about IT support.

Knowing how to find the right IT support will minimize our aggravation and keep the time we’re unable to use either our computers or a certain program as short as possible. It’s important to realize that IT support representatives can only help us to the extent that we tell them exactly what is happening. Telling them that the darn thingamabob just won’t work isn’t going to get us anywhere.

Before you call IT support though, you need to know what kind of IT support you need. Is the problem with the computer itself or a new program or did the monitor suddenly go off? Narrow the problem down to where you either understand it or write down the error message so you can pass it along to the IT support representative.

If your brand new computer just came off the delivery truck and you followed all the instructions but it won’t even come on, chances are you need to call the help desk at the computer manufacturer. It’s either that or pay your electric bill. However, if you just purchased a new word processing program and everything else on your computer works fine, then don’t call your computer manufacturer. You’ll sit on hold for 45 minutes only to be told it’s a software issue and to call the people who manufactured the software. If that happens, you’re going to be mad before the next poor rep even answers the phone and you run the risk of going around in circles and not getting your problem solved at all.

Bottom line: Before you call IT support, make a list of what is or is not happening and what if anything is new or different. Also, right click on the “my computer” icon so you can tell the IT support rep what version of windows or another operating system you have. It’s always the first question.

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