IT Support Considerations

There are many important considerations for companies that are looking to implement information technology (IT) support programs. IT support includes having personnel on site to deal with small or immediate software and hardware problems, having a reliable off-site source for IT support in dealing with more complex problems, and maintaining a network of computers that are easy to use and repair. While this is not an exhaustive list, it certainly gives a business manager or owner the rough outline of what to consider before setting up an IT support apparatus.

On-site IT personnel need to have the proper education, either an Associates or a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, coupled with enough work experience to have encountered a wide range of technical problems. In addition, they need to be trained in any proprietary or obscure technology that may not be used frequently outside of a particular company. The final consideration for on-site personnel is working space. For IT support professionals, there is a need for a large working area for networking, computer equipment and storage of extra hardware and software components. The only consideration for off-site IT support personnel is the cost efficiency of hiring out a particular company, which can be measured objectively by looking at the amount of services received for each dollar spent.

The simplest consideration for IT support is heading off potential computer problems by purchasing equipment that is easy to use and easy to repair. The best way to do this is to decide what technological capabilities are needed for the office and to find a type of computer that fulfills those needs. Equally as important among IT support considerations is the warranty and service policy of the computer company (i.e., Dell, Apple). Purchasing a computer with an extended warranty and great service plan can solve major IT support problems without resorting to expensive IT contractors.

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