What is IT Support

What is IT support exactly? Individuals and business owners ask this question. They have a vague idea of what IT is all about, but they do not know exactly what IT is or if they need it. IT support is short for information technology support and it covers all aspects of computer use, including hardware, software, networks, Internet connectivity, and anti-virus programs.

If a company or an individual wants a modern computer system set up or an upgrade, an IT person will be needed to advise and help set up the system. IT support will analyze the needs of the user(s) and then recommend the appropriate hardware and software. If a network is involved, a network specialist may be called in to provide further IT support.

Big corporations have IT departments that provide continuing support for computer system breakdowns, which frequently occur. Banks seem prone to more than their fair share of computer downtime. Their IT support people must be always on call and quick to resolve the problem.

IT support does not come cheap. A certified IT person is well trained and with experience can demand exceptional wages and benefits. But, it is the kind of IT support needed when your computer system acts up. IT support can mean the difference between being computer blind and having a temporary glitch which is easily corrected.

Every business needs IT support at one time or another and it is imperative that someone can be called in for IT support. This could be a person on the staff or a paid consultant. Computer systems are wonderful when working properly and a nightmare when they don’t. IT support can help prevent problems or make them rapidly disappear. Our modern business world could not exist without IT support.

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