Who Needs IT Support

It’s foolish to think that because you are knowledgeable about all the software that you and your company use, you do not need a professional IT support representative. Unless a person is certified in the field, such as that of an MCSE, you do not know all there is to know about the software that runs on your computer. This is especially true if the software you are running is either a new product or a new version of an older product. Until software has been available to the public for at least six months to a year, it will still have glitches in it that only a certified software expert can identify.

Another reason for having someone available for IT support is for assistance in running the software that you need. During the process of choosing the software that was right for your needs, you may have overlooked some things that you need to know about the product’s capabilities. For example, if your accounting department had been using macro-run Excel spreadsheets for accounts receivable functions and decided to switch to integrated software such as Peachtree or Solomon, you will need to know if the software can perform all the functions of the Excel spreadsheet macros.

Having someone available for IT support makes good business sense because even if you have the knowledge, you may not have the time, especially if there are a great number of computers involved. In addition, for most new software installations, IT support is part of the price you pay. You don’t want to do something wrong and have to pay a professional to correct it when you can have the certified professional do it right the first time. If they make a mistake, they have to absorb the expense, but such is not the case if you make an error.

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