Why I Need IT Support

While sales and customer service are the backbone of any good business, IT support is the immune system that solves computer and software problems when they arise with little recognition. However, IT support personnel are constantly working to maintain computer systems in businesses across the world on an around the clock basis. There are two compelling reasons to employ IT support personnel that need to be considered in the early stages of a business’ life.

The first reason that IT support is important to business is that computer maintenance and network administration require years of training rather than the simple tutorials offered by spreadsheet and word processing software. Qualified IT support personnel not only have a college degree (whether two year or four year), but also typically have worked either as a student or professionally in a public or private sector job solving IT issues. Without IT support and in the hands of amateurs and newcomers, a computer network can lose valuable man-hours and money for a young business.

Another reason to hire IT support personnel and have an IT support apparatus is that it is less expensive than hiring out contractors and off-site IT personnel. Contractors are often expensive with a high per hour rate and sometimes come with questionable backgrounds or past contracting experiences. Even the best contractor can’t live up to the reliability of an in-house IT support person who can solve problems without the issue of travel, parking, and high costs. While the initial cost of setting up an IT support system may be steep, the long term cost is well worth it to ensure that your business will keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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