Taking a fresh look at the current Apple laptops

Apple laptops have lifted Apple Computer company back to the pinnacle of the IT world. Apple hasn’t been there since possible the first Mac was launched or the old Apple IIe. Why had Apple hit such hard times for so long?

Well, consider Apple’s image in the computing world. Its computers have long been loved by hard core techies who appreciate the innovation and design that make Apple unique to the industry. Graphic designers, artists, and other visually minded people appreciated the wealth of graphics programs on the Apple system, which best allowed them to do their jobs. Finally, computer snobs liked the renegade Apple image and the power it gave them to snub their nose at the mainstream.

Though there are a lot of these people out there, there aren’t enough to run a business on, especially when you’re competing with the likes of Microsoft, IBM, Dell, and other techie powerhouses. Apple essentially got stuck in a niche market, and couldn’t seem to escape for fear of selling out the diehards out there.

Then came the latest lineup of Apple notebooks. Such models as the iBooks and PowerBooks have rocked the computing world because they simultaneously break the mold of typical Apple products while staying true to the original Apple mission.

Take the latter first: the Apple tradition. The iBooks and PowerBooks look like no other laptop out there. They’re either sleek white, or shimmering silver, all with no edges and all curves. They bear the trademark Apple anti-establishment refinement that makes them suitable for a loft condo in the Lower East Side, or an architecture studio in San Francisco.

Now take the new quality of these Apple laptops: their accessibility. Apple has made a name for itself with notebooks that provide what all customers need and want: power and ease of use. They are accessible to PC and Windows products, so Apple users are no longer isolated from the rest of the world. Plus, in many cases they tend to outperform competing laptop PCs.

The world has taken notice. Magazine after magazine, expert after expert, have chimed in on the side of Apple. It’s not just the Ipod effect either. The latest Apple laptops can truly make the perfect match for the hardened techie and the technically impaired.

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