Tap into today's Dell laptops at unbeatable prices

Dell laptops are one of the most well known brand on the market. It comes from a lot of their advertising, of course, but their quality goes a long way in explaining why they have such a big name in the IT world.

Just take the new Dell Inspiron 6000. This high-powered notebook will feature the so-called Sonoma chipset, which is the latest Intel processor. This chipset is strictly for mobile computers, so it is designed to make sure your laptop works as optimally as possible. This involves the best in battery power duration, the fastest graphics for gaming and multimedia, and wireless connectivity.

Speaking of wireless technology, these Dell laptops pack the latest. They have optional Bluetooth for you business users. Then there is the standard 10/100 Ethernet card and Wi-Fi access, so you can use your card in wireless hotspots at home, in your local coffee shop, or at work.

Its other accessories round out the computer’s connectivity. It has a IEEE 1394 port, a FireWire port, an S-Video port, and four USB ports. If that is not enough, the Inspiron 6000 also possesses a slot for Secure Digital memory cards. No matter how many cameras, music players, personal digital assistants, or cell phones that you have, your notebook will have enough access for all of them. simply with digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, and other handheld devices.

The computer has a big brain, too. You can choose from either a 1.30 GHz Intel Celeron processor or the 1.60 GHz Pentium processor. Hard drives come in a range from 30 GB to 80 GB. And you can pack the computer with optical drives like a DVD double-layer burner or a writable CD/DVD.

For the layperson, all these numbers and abbreviations mean one thing. No matter what you need your computer for, there are Dell laptops out there perfect for the task.

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