Finding funky laptop bags that fit your personality

Funky laptop bags don’t just help protect your computer from the perils of everyday travel. They help you to express just who you are, far better than your typical leather bag or that plastic briefcase you got for free with the laptop.

Many of the funkiest of bags on the market today blend the look and feel of a messenger bag with the practicalities of a laptop bag. Messenger bags, as you should and probably do know, got their start just as their name suggests. City messengers, those lunatics you see racing around your city streets on bicycles with huge packages strapped to their backs, used the bags to deliver parcels to businesses in crowded urban streets.

The material for these bags had to be as tough and durable as the bike messengers themselves. Many times, these messenger bags also expressed the unique character of the bike messenger. If you have ever seen one of these delivery people up close and personal, you know they have a lot of personality, too!

Today’s funky laptop bags have this heritage. They come in all shapes, textures, and styles. Some are striped with tricolors. Some come loaded with patches, badges, and other doodads already attached. Others go more for the sleek, yuppie feel with black and gray fabric with silver metal clasps and zippers.

However you want your bag to look, be sure that it also has the goods inside. That means it should have ample room and padding for your laptop computer. You don’t want to sacrifice any safety for style. Plus, the bag should contain tons of pockets, pen holders, special inside zippers for your money, personal digital assistant, cell phone, and everything else you carry around with you on a regular basis.

With its geared up for practicalities, and its outside personalized to your special look, your assortment of funky laptop bags will be sure to turn heads whether you’re at the office, the coffee shop, or the airport.

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